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Aurogra 100 tablets by Aurachem: dosage, reviews, price, where to buy

The famous drug, Viagra, was launched over ten years ago. Now that it can be legally produced as a generic, the most prominent makers of generic medication are releasing their own versions, following many years’ worth of research into Viagra. A generic form of Viagra of particular note is Aurogra. Aurogra produces precisely identical reactions in the body as does the famous “Little Blue Pill.” The major advantage to Aurogra is its drastically lower cost. Quite simply, it is Viagra under a different name with a huge discount. Aurogra is a potent potency drug at a knockdown price; always a winning combination.
Aurogra pills have an identical composition and achieve the same effects as Pfizer’s popular Viagra. However, Aurogra tablet is faster acting and its results manifest within a quarter of hour versus three quarters of an hour for Viagra or Kamagra. Aurogra’s effects then persist for roughly six hours.

Where is Aurogra made?
Aurogra 100 is typically made by Aurachem Laboratories manufacture, an Indian pharmaceutical firm, which manufactures, distributes and exports a wide range of medical products. The company is renowned as the fastest-growing within the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Aurachem produces over 450 types of medications, across such drug categories as antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-malarial, cardiovascular, antacid, anti-ulcer and of course impotence treatments. Aurachem exports to roughly 45 countries and employs 200 professional pharmacists, chemists, researchers and quality control specialists.

Aurogra 100 Side effects:

Aurogra side effects are the same as for original Viagra, most common are: headache, flushing in the face, neck, or trunk stomach problems, heartburn, nasal blockage , back torment, muscular torment or delicacy, nausea, dizziness, rash, diarrhea
Possible harmful side effects of Aurogra: chest torment or unpredictable pulse, shortness of breath, change or loss of vision, ringing in ears or hearing misfortune, lightheadedness, swelling in the hands, lower legs, and feet.

Aurogra dosage

Like original Pfizer Viagra, Aurogra tablet is available in 100 mg. dosages containing Viagra’s active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate. Aurogra comes in blisters containing 10x100mg pills with rhombus shape. The regular Aurogra pill color is blue. There is also another type of this drug: Aurogra chewable tablets. It also comes in 100mg dosage, 10 blister packs, rhombus-like shape but the pill color is pink.

Aurogra price – where to buy?

Aurogra 100 tablet price varies from 4$/pill to 2$/pill depending on quantity of order.
The more you buy the cheaper discount price you get. This marketing rule is common for online pharmacies selling generic drugs. There are over 30 stores where you can buy Aurogra 100 online. They can offer different payment methods including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Another alternative payment way is Bitcoins. It became popular now a days because of the privacy and security of the payer. The cheapest Aurogra stores we have found are given In the following list: Before bying Aurogra online you will need to consult your doctor. There are a number of chronic diseases which are not compatible to Aurogra side effect listed above.

Aurachem Aurogra 100 reviews

Aurachem enjoys a good reputation based on reports from its many end-users, clients and business partners. Its customer feedback indicated that nearly half of respondents rated the company as “excellent” and a quarter rated it as “very good.” Most of the remaining feedback rated the company as “good.” The average trust score (4 out of 5) received by Aurochem also reflected well on the company reputation and practices.

Below there are few user reviews about Aurogra usage.

"Works extraordinary. I am just 40 years old. Having Ed  issues about a year prior. Got an example pack from the online pharmacy with 10 pills. The initial threeAurogra pills  I took worked flawlessly. Went up against exhaust stomach or possibly one hour after a dinner. In less than 50 minutes, I have reached results. It makes my face flush and nose run (regular reactions) The fourth time I took it, I split the pill fifty-fifty to check whether it would work at lower dose (I was taking a 50mg dosage) This DID NOT work. I dont know whether it was the lower dosing, or perhaps that was my food I ate in advance (Mexican food), or this was a wrong idea to split them. I addition, very often, it effects several hours later than it should. Sometimes, even up to the next  morning if taken during the evening. Anyways I am satisfied with results."

"Extremely powerful. Take Aurogra without nourishment to help Aurogra absorption rapidly and last more. Anti-impotence effect  does *not* run out in 4 hours. I have taken just 10-15 mg and felt the advantages of Aurogra for more than 12 hours. The long lasting effect will obviously be diverse for each one. Would suggest one to start  with a  low dose. My first dose was  of 25mg made my penis harmed because of the enduring and industrious erections. Here are my proposals and things to consider in light of my own experience: 1. Take Aurogra  without food 1-2 housr before the affection time. Yeah, It takes a bit to kick in. Every time I feel a preview effect of Aurogra which lasts 20 minutes....but then it truly kicks in following 90 minutes. To get the Auroga coursing through your penis, control yourself a bit (you don’t need to  take much...just some part of the pll to start). 2. Drink bunches of water. Drying out is BAD for erections. 3. Pop two or three tums or rolaids. Aurogra can cause high level of acid in your stomack. 4. Take  a breath mint as it can give you tart breath. 5. Take a, low dose of Aurogra while the first run through. Additionally, take it while you are apart  from anyone else so you can get used to the amount you truly require. 6. Try not to take it time after time since it can make your prostate swell up. So don't take every  day so you can stroke off for 3 hours. 7. Cerebral pains are common...take a couple Advil with Aurogra. 8. When you are engaging in sexual relations, it will keep your erection going even if you don’t want to do it anymore. This is BAD but Aurogra truly works best way."

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