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Poxet – Dapoxetine from India: Dosage, reviews Price, Side effects

Poxet is the safest and most widely-known generic form of Priligy, a medication used in the treatment of male premature ejaculation (PE). The active ingredient in both is Dapoxetine HCL, which is the only FDA-approved medication for premature ejaculation. Poxet is classified as an SSRI drug, or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. Poxet pills are formulated to be exactly as strong as Priligy pills, therefore they cause a near-identical reaction in the body. Poxet is quickly absorbed by the body. Maximum concentration in the blood is observed one to two hours after consuming a pill. The effect of Poxet is to improve control over ejaculation, which invariably has a positive effect on sexual satisfaction and performance.

Uses of Poxet-60

Poxet-60 is a treatment for male premature ejaculation, or PE. PE is perhaps the most frequent sexual dysfunction condition seen in men. It is characterized by early sexual climax and ejaculation, occurring soon after initial penetration of the vagina or otherwise requiring little sexual stimulation. PE can lead to unhappiness and relationship difficulties. Poxet-60 allows men improved control of their ejaculation. It extends the duration of sexual activity before climax occurs. It is a very helpful medication for men with continual or intermittent PE.

The action of Poxet-60

As with Priligy, the active ingredient in Poxet-60 is dapoxetine. This substance, found at a dosage of 60 mg. in each Poxet-60 tablet, is classed as an SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. The formulation of Poxet-60 is designed specifically to counter PE and is effective within the body after one or two hours from consumption. The substance does not persist within the body for much longer than a day.
As a bodily reflex, male ejaculation is mediated by the sympathetic nervous system. During sexual activity, sensations of pleasure above a specific level will active spinal nerve cells which send an impulse to the brain. The brain replies with a message to the motor neurons which regulate the penile muscles. The contraction of these specific muscles is what causes ejaculation to occur. It is theorized that this reflex is serotonin-mediated.
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter within the brain which plays a key role in communicating nerve transmissions and the processing of brain signals. Serotonin depletion is identified as a possible cause of PE. Poxet-60’s dapoxetine compound prevents serotonin reabsorption by the synapses, which are the spaces between neurons across which neurochemical signals are relayed. When serotonin can’t be re-absorbed by the initial neuron, this leads to an increase in available serotonin for use by the secondary neuron. The effect is improved transmission of messages between all neurons. In short, Poxet-60 leads to an increased duration of sexual arousal and stimulation before ejaculation occurs.

Poxet-60 Ingredients

The active compound in Poxet-60 is an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) known as Dapoxetine. This compound is formulated for the prevention and treatment of continual or intermittent premature ejaculation.

Poxet-60 Side Effects

Side  effects encountered when taking Poxet-60 are generally mild. These effects include the following: queasiness, dryness of the mouth, dizziness, stomach pain, loose bowels, sleepiness, shaking, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, lowered sexual appetite and erectile dysfunction.

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