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Cialis vs Tadacip vs Erectalis vs Apcalis vs Tadarise vs Megalis vs Forzest - Branded vs Generic ED solutions

The drug widely known as Cialis is a branded solution for erectile dysfunction, acting faster than Viagra, and lasting longer too. Promptly after becoming available to the markets it became known as the "Weekend Drug", due to the fact that it's effects can last for up to 36 hours. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean a constant never ending erection. but rather the capability to achieve one.

It's generic name is Tadalafil and after the patent for the drug expired it was only natural for pharmaceutical companies around the world to capitalize on this venture and start producing their own generic Tadalafil drugs or variety products such as Tadacip by Cipla, Apcalis by Ajanta Pharma, Erectalis by  Cipla, Tadarise Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd, Megalis by Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Forzest by Hetero Labs Ltd., that would be used to provide relief from this sometimes overly constraining condition.

Due to the fact that the markets are overflowing with these products, it is also important to have the necessary information about quality, safety, and what branded products bring to the table. This isn't to say that generic products are not worth it, but there is some merit to be given to the original inventor of the drug and one of the best ways to do it is to continue buying their product, regardless of the fact that there are cheaper, more affordable solutions available.

Let's have a look at the key differences and similarities between branded and generic Tadalfil. To kick things off we can talk about the quality of the product. So lets compare Cialis vs Tadacip vs Erectalis vs Apcalis vs Tadarise vs Megalis vs Forzest which are almost equalin their chemical consitment.

Quality Control

Medicine is produced to provide value through alleviating various symptoms that we naturally suffer from., so they must adhere to a set of standards and regulations regarding the quality of the product, long before it even shows up on the marketplace. These quality controls are implemented by various authorities, such as the FDA in the USA to mention at least one. Every country has their own authority that needs to approve any product before a company is allowed to sell it on the local marketplaces. This ensures complete compliance with quality standards, so if you see a product in a store, or a pharmacy, it has likely already passed through this process, otherwise the pharmacy itself is illegally selling an unverified product. It serves the purpose to protect us as consumers against malicious or harmful products.

Product Quality

With this being said, both Cialis and Tadacip, Apcalis, Forzest ,Erectalis  are of at least equal quality, meaning that they have the same onset time, they last roughly the same time, their side effects overlap, and the dosage, methods of administration, and beneficial effects must be the same for a product in this category. In plain terms, generic solutions like must be able to do what Cialis does, before they are allowed to be placed on the marketplace, and they need to be safe for consumption as well.


Chemically speaking there could be some differences in the products, as tablets usually require a binding agent of sorts that helps hold the substance together. It is highly unlikely that every company in the world producing a specific generic product (or branded product for that matter) uses the exact same binding agent to produce their tablets. So there is not much difference if to compare Erectalis vs Tadarise vs Megalis .Most importantly in this case, any solution, regardless of whether it is branded or generic will contain Tadalafil, so assuming that whatever binding agent was used to create the tablets is safe, any solution will work to resolve the issues regarding erectile dysfunction in the short-term.


The largest difference between generics Tadacip, Apcalis, Erectalis and Cialis belongs in this category, where we can easily see that generic versions of the drug at up to 50% cheaper than Cialis. This is natural, as these companies have started producing the drug from a recipe, rather than having to innovate and discover the drug themselves. They also save a lot of money on marketing and development, as the original drug has already broken through for the duration of their patent and there is ample recognition of the main ingredient. It is much cheaper to point to something that exists and say that you have a product that is a close replica to it, rather than having to teach new concepts to an unaware audience.


Ever since the patent has expired, this has allowed a little bit of creativity to come to the market, with new chewable products containing Tadalfil, such as Apcalis oral jelly , Forzest jelly solutions, as well as flavored tablets which dissolve your mouth. Manufactures of Tadacip, Erectalis, Tadarise and Megalis are planning to create a chewable form of their pills/ Generics have the freedom and the challenge to experiment and try out different things hoping to claim a piece of the market share. On the other hand the original creator already has had the time necessary to build up their brand and establish an audience that repeatedly uses their product, because they believe it is the best one on the market. They are usually correct, as the branded products tend to involve more rigorous controls and they can be considered as more reliable than generics. With this being said, generic also should not be considered as lower quality, but since they haven't had the time to reach a "brand" status, more often than not potential customers doubt their capabilities. Companies selling generic products have to consistently fight for customers, and prove, over and over again that they are reliable with their products.

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