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What is the best generic Viagra brand to buy from India?

There are so many ED products on the market these and it is almost impossible to make a a right choice of Generic Viagra, especially if you start considering natural products that are also being advertised for erectile dysfunction. And it is not a surprise that there are so many India based pharmaceutical companies, such as Sunrise Remedies, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Aurochem, Morepen, Cadilla, Ajanta, Consern, Sun Pharma, Dr Reddy's are fighting for customers offering wide range of Viagra brands.  
Namely, we are now so much exposed to sex and there is so much emphasis on the sexual life of an individual that it has become the most important thing on the planet. This, in turn, leads to men thinking that they all need to be Casanovas in the bedroom, capable of herculean feats. For men who suffer from ED, this is simply devastating. Namely, occasionally or regularly (depending on the severity of their ED) unable to achieve erections, they start to feel like lesser men, men who are not complete and who will do anything to address this issue.
This is the reason that so many different companies and manufacturers are in the game.
There are many ED solutions offered on the market. For example, there are various pumps and physical devices that attempt to solve this problem simply by mechanical action. While efficacy of these solutions cannot be disputed, they are far away from being convenient and hassle-free, we can all agree on that.The next type of ED solutions are different natural products, such as herbal supplements and such. What you need to know about these products is that the production and the efficiency of these products is not regulated by any authorities  and that due to the fact that they are natural, they do not need to pass the approval processes in order to be marketed.
This, of course, means that the vast majority of them have absolutely no effect on erectile dysfunction and that even those that do are only negligibly effective. Finally, we have the FDA-approved ED medications, such as Sildenafil, generic Viagra which is  the only proper competitor of all herbals, pumps and natural alternatives
.All generic brands of Viagra coming from India are younger than it’s Pfizer original but  their efficacy cannot be disputed. They work the exactly the same way as Viagra brand and they are very similar when it comes to contraindications and side effects that might occur.
We have tested over 20 Viagra brands of sildenafil, coming from India and made a two nomenees where we can put our winners at.
 the cheapest viagra Brand from India.
…and the winner is:  Cenforce by Centurion.
Cenforce is Viagra brand made by Centurion labs, India. It has the form of the tablet and produced in 50, 100,150 and 200 mg pills. The best price offered on the market is 0.4$/pill , it’s tadalafil analogue Vidalista is also available for the best price of 40 cents/pill. The most of the reviews we have found are highly positive, while there are several reviewers said that Vidalista by Centurion was more effective for them than Cenforce sildenafil.
the most popular generic viagra from India.
the most popular generic viagra from India.
And the winner is: Kamagra by Ajanta. This is one of the most expensive but most well known generics of Viagra. It is the most popular brands in the UK and the whole Europe. The price varies from 1.5$ to 3 dollars / pill depending on the store. Ajanta manufacture has become popular mostly because of it’s Kamagra brand. It has many positive reviews over the internet so as a lot of competiting websites selling this brand of sildenafil online.
Special nomeneee: free viagra samples. There are several vendors who offer free sildenafil pills for testing. You kay take it for free and try out.

According to an online reviews the percentage of successful results is pretty much the same for both brands. However, there is one thing that separates Cenforce among all other competitors. It is really the cheapest ED solution on the market  while the duration of its beneficial effects are the same as from competiting brands. 

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