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Legit Bitcoin Online Pharmacy for the UK, USA and Australia

Legit Bitcoin Online Pharmacy for the UK, USA and Australia
Founded in 2013, Mondaymeds steadily became well known for its product line and competitive pricing policy. Mondaymeds has a lot to offer, both generic and branded products, always  at discounted prices. The collaborate with established pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Cipla. Ajanta, Sun Pharma, Ranbaxy, Dr Reddys, which are in turn approved by WHO and other FDA-type of organizations. 
There are some features that set them apart from the competition, such as the ability to switch with ease between branded and generic products containing the same drug. Their most popular products are ED-related, but that doesn't mean that other types of medicine are not available. You can find many different kinds of drugs, correlating to areas such as, Men's & Woman's Health, Smoking Reduction, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Antibiotics, Skin Care.
They claim to offer up to 80% discounts on selected products, by setting up the lowest prices for their products. This is probably a way to reward returning customers, or to encourage customers to return and check the deals available. It's not only Bitcoin but Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin online pharmacy.
This bitcoin online pharmacy is very popular in the UK, Australia and USA.
Their customer service team can be reached by phone, through their phone number, or online through e-mail or directly through their website. The store offers a free consultation from a team of health professionals. Additionally  shipping is free for every order, and also refunds or reships are available if your order fails to arrive, but once it has they do not offer any refunds.
Is it legit Bitcoin pharmacy?
According to the reviews we took a look at, this online store has a rather large following of loyal and satisfied customers. Their online reputation is very positive with customers often leaving satisfactory comments or reviews, which makes sure this bitcoin online pharmacy is legit and safe.

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There doesn't seem to be a pattern to suggest that customers are primarily based in one country. On the contrary, most of the reviews available about Mondaymeds are from a wide range of countries in North America and Europe. This is a strong indication that the store is used by people all across the globe.
Dustin J, gave a review about this store on 10th of February, 2015, where he argued that the store needs to get a 5 out of 5 stars rating, due to the fact that their prices were amazing, it was a legit online store, and it was easy to use. He made a claim that he was so impressed with the store and its process that he regularly recommends Mondaymeds to his friends and family. He paid via Bitcoins and got additional discount.
Ansel Meekey, made a clain on the 27th of June, 2015 that he was surprised to have his shipment arrive in just three days. Furthermore, he said that the medications he received were of a high quality, just like anything else he has purchased before.
Shipping to the UK, USA and Australia 
It is safe to say that the store has received an amazing number of positive reviews, and we are talking about third party sources, which are not affiliated with the store. A truly trustworthy bitcoin pharmacy with shipping to the UK, USA and Australia. They also host a lot of testimonials on their homepage. With so many satisfied customers and great reviews, it seems that Mondaymeds knows what they are doing. There are many other countries they ship to, mostly these are  countries where bitcoin pharmacies are popular, such as Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe.
Same like before 2016, the story repeats itself. The store keeps getting great feedback from customers around the globe. This shows that bitcoin pharmacy is consistent and legit, provides the same level of service that creates a loyal audience. Some of the USA customers have expressed that they have made successful orders 5, 7, and up to 10 times without experiencing a single problem.
One customer named Richard from the UK made 5 orders and all of them were shipped and delivered in three days from making the order. He also says that whenever he has required assistance before he has been always met with a polite voice over the phone.
One customer from Australia who initially communicated his dissatisfaction on an online forum updated the same post a few days, once he received the refund he requested from the bitcoin pharmacy. The reason for requesting a refund was that the drugs were ineffective. This creates the perception that Mondaymeds is a legitimate business that cares about the customers and any complaints they might have. The refund is just one way of saying, we care about you in the business world, as you didn't get exactly what you were hoping for.
Mondaymeds final review
This pharmacy offers free shipping worldwide for all orders, on top of their 80% discounted products. Customers also have the opportunity to get special deals and coupon codes, but for this they need to create an account with the service and become a member.
At this moment, there are no coupon codes available, but you can check back in the future for a special deal.
Mondaymeds enjoys a great deal of positive online reputation and engagement with their audience. They have a knack for transforming one time buyers into loyal customers with the supreme quality of their customer support team.
The products are priced very competitively, offering a huge incentive to purchase online, as their products are of the same quality as the retail counterparts. Additionally, the speedy delivery of orders enables you as the customer to get your medicines faster, therefore purchasing online requires less planning than usual.
The website itself is simple and friendly making it easy for you to access all of the necessary information for an informed buying decision. It is well known in the USA, UK and Australia. We rate this website a pure 5 out of 5 stars, in other words as really legit bitcoin online pharmacy as they have proven themselves to be a store of exquisite quality and service.

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