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is legitdrugstore.com scam or legit? legitdrugstore reviews - discount coupons and codes

This well positioned online pharmacy legitdrugstore.com offers a very wide range of generic drugs that are solutions to various health problems. Additionally legitdrugstore offers Mental Health products, which are one of the most popular products with their customers. Other popular products include, Antibiotics, Blood Pressure, Weight Loss, Diabetic, and Skin Care. While only generic drugs are made available through this store, the fact that they only sell from FDA approved manufacturers boosts their quality and appeal from the customer's perspective. 
Price wise, some of their products are up to a staggering 80% lower than what you can find in a retail store. As a customer you can choose from 7 different shipping options, and almost all of them are traceable online, and some of them are completely free. You can make payments in different currencies, such as Sterling Pound, Euros, or US dollars. Free shipping orders arrive on the destination anywhere between 8 and 18 days, depending on the distance from the store (which is based in India). You can use both Visa and MasterCard to pay for your order, and should any problem arise, their customer service team is available through e-mail, phone and live chat.

Is legitdrugstore.com scam or legit?
Online reviews about legitdrugstore.com are scarce, but there is more than enough to make an informed decision. The website has been online for about 5 years now, and there is no sign of a bad review yet. This means that customers are satisfied with the products, service, and delivery, which suggests that this company knows exactly what they are doing. Regardless of the low prices, they still provide you with a high-quality product that is functional and will solve your problem.
Most of the reviews express satisfaction with the quick shipping, as well as the design of the website and the simplicity of using it to make an order. The customer service team has received numerous callouts by customers around the web for being quick, efficient, and helpful. 
When considering online stored we always check whether they are listed on any security-related lists as a risky, rogue, or unauthorized pharmacy. Additionally, it is also not listed on any scam-related lists, such as scam adviser. In general, the overwhelmingly positive feedback gathered from other online customers makes legitdrugstore look like a really good option for people that are shopping for generics.
legitdrugstore.com Reviews 2015
While the number of customer reviews is limited, all of the reviews that this pharmacy has received are positive, and there is a complete lack of negative responses. This is an extremely good sign that the pharmacy is streamlining their working process.
The reviews contain many compliments about the legitdrugstore.com interface, order process, customer support team, shipping and product quality. One customer from Canada says that the prices he found on this website are so low, that it would be hard for any other online pharmacy to match them.
In general, the reputation for the website seems very positive, due to the high consistency of positive comments and reviews.
legitdrugstore.com Discount Coupon Codes
When prices are low, there are often ways to make them go even lower. This seems to be the motto of 4-rx.net, as they also offer various coupon codes that you can use. You can see the current available deals below.
Free Shipping. 
They offer free shipping on any order you make. 
ED Packs
An interesting package from this company is the ED pack, which basically is a discounted sample pack, that contains Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra in the same pack. You could use this to figure out which of the ED drugs you like the best, and which one helps you the most. It's just a great valuable package!
legitdrugstore.com pharmacy is awesome! They have extremely low prices, all while maintaining the quality of their products. They do this by dealing only with FDA approved manufacturing plants, which guarantees that the process in which the medicine is made is safe and modern.
Furthermore, this website doesn't show on any listing that would cause a reason for concern. The online rankings and ratings show a store which is a sign that they care about their customers and have a solution for every possible problem. 
We rate this online pharmacy 5 out of 5 stars, because of the low prices, high quality, great support team, wide offer of products, and safe environment for making transactions. 

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