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is pharmstore.com scam or legit? pharmstore reviews - discount coupons and codes

This online pharmacy is one of the most established institutions, mainly because it offers itself as a bridge between customers and physicians. It represents a completely legitimate, mail order and online purchase solutions for both prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals. Based in Oregon, Portland, this store serves a large portion of the US market, and with good reason too.

The products that you can find on pharmstore website range widely. There are many different prescription and non-prescription drugs available. Beyond drugs, you can also find various different healthcare items, nutritional supplements. Of course, if you already know what you are looking for, it is extremely easy to use the search feature by brand or category.

Their prices are lower than retail, and any order for prescription medicine is shipped free of charge. This is not the case with non-prescription purchases, for which the cost for shipping is a standard $5.95. Express shipping is also available for a fee. The payment methods accepted by the store are debit card, credit card, check, and money order. On average, orders take about 7 days to get to you from the warehouse.

One very important thing to note is that this website serves as a connection between doctors and patients, especially for special pharmacological solutions that are used to alleviate chronic diseases. Beyond this, the website provides you with 24/7 support regarding therapy management or advice.

pharmstore.com Reviews

For some reason, it is difficult to find any reviews about pharmstore.com before 2016. Regardless of the fact that pharmstore website has existed for more than a decade. It is rather perplexing that a legitimate online pharmacy, an efficient platform for making pharmstore.com purchases from home is not being talked about by their customers online. You would think that an online store managed by licensed physicians would encourage their customers to leave a review online.

pharmstore.com Reviews 2016

There are no pharmstore.com reviews available from 2016. Instead we tried looking at ranking services online, (such as alexa.com) to learn more about the website and its viewership and popularity. Considering viewership, this website is ranked among the top 1.160 million most popular websites in the world. Unfortunately, historical data was not available for more than 12 months back, where we observed a steady upward trend in visitations to the website. In the US, it is ranked as the top 206,000 most viewed website.

pharmstore.com Reviews 2016

Looking at a tracking website called pharmstore.com, pharmstore is ranked in the top 1,120 million most popular websites, which is rather unsatisfactory (when you are looking for a great online pharmacy). Regardless of the fact that it seems like there is a lack of online presence and popularity, the website keeps getting more traffic and visitors, which currently are 432 daily visitors and 1,040 daily page views.

pharmstore.com Reviews 2016

Feedback for this website is not found almost anywhere before or during 2016. The ranking provides no additional security for the potential customer.

pharmstore.com Coupon Codes, pharmstore discount

When talking about pharmstore pharmacy, we need to understand that all the prices have been created and they are to stay fixed. The pharmstore.com doesn't offer any sorts of discounts or coupons.


We know that pharmstore is a part of a legitimate organization called Wellpartner.com, that is based in Portland, Oregon, and which works as a mail order, online pharmacy, and call centre, to provide people with various solutions for their health related issues. It provides free shipping for prescription drugs, with better prices than retail, all across the states. The lack of online presence is scary and usually means something is not right. Comparing the services against their competitors revealed that www.pharmstore.com is behind the forefront in online pharmacology.


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