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is samrx.com scam or legit? samrx review - discount coupons and codes

Samrx Reviews

For a period of more than 10 years, www.samrx.com has been providing all sorts of medication related to men's health. The store offers both generic and branded solutions, mostly for customers from Australia. Samrx offers solutions for a wide pallet of solutions for problems such as, addiction treatment (alcohol, nicotine) and erectile dysfunction.

Due to the nature of the medicine, and the innate requirement for prescription, the role of the customer is slightly different than other stores. You need to provide a prescription in order to be able to shop here, and beyond this you also need to be at least 21 years of age. The medication found on this website is approved by relevant authorities, the FDA and WHO. Once you've settled the initial setup of your account, the ordering and shipping process has been streamlined to perfection, making it easy and simple to purchase your medication.

Samrx.com Reviews

We did some research into this store and evaluated what customers had to say about it. We were not surprised to discover that most people give a high score for the samrx.com website, as well as comments expressing their satisfaction with the sales process or products. It is quite possible that you've already discovered this website, when searching for an online pharmacy that sells the prescription medicine you are looking for.

Let's have a look at some of the reviews we've found across the net:

User "BA4000" explains that he has never experienced any difficulty when dealing with this store. The products arrive in a timely fashion, they are nicely packaged, and the medicine is exactly what he ordered. He received exceptional results, so he is quite determined to bring more business to the store.

One user named "TTT” claims that he is incredibly impressed by the reasonable prices, look, and feel of the samrx store. On the other hand, he also says that the website is quite complicated and that he feels the store can be upgraded to provide a better experience for him. He's quite satisfied with the service and the support he received from their team, and when he ordered for the first time, the products arrived on time.

Sometimes, things don't work exactly like we want them to do, so this user named "MysticRL" is quite disappointed in the website. Once he made his order, he got a tracking number for a package that wasn't going to his address. The problem was that he made a mistake in the zip code. It is unclear whether he asked for support for the issue, but he's determined to persuade everybody he knows not to use this website.

Is samrx scam or legit?

It is quite normal to make mistakes and to fail to satisfy a customer. Looking at the overwhelmingly positive responses makes me think that this is an isolated case, and it's quite possible that the person didn't ask for any support. The samrx store looks legit and never listed among scam listings, samrx.com is getting tons of repeat traffic and purchases, mainly because they are trying so hard to retain their reputation, especially through pristine customer service.

Samrx discount coupons and codes

Unfortunately we couldn't find discount coupons and codes issued by samrx.com at the moment. Samrx customers received 10% off if they pay via Credit Cards and 20% off if they pay by e-check.In addition free express shipping is offered for all orders larger than 250$ cost.


Samrx.com has been active for more than 5 years! That's one of the major points that outweigh any negative comments we found (we didn't find many of these), and it shows that the company really cares and provides great service for their customers. The reputation of the samrx.com website is really high, and they do not appear on any security related listings.

There is always room for improvement, and if the store wants to avoid receiving any more negative comments, they should really pay attention to upgrading their system, wherever the customer is feeling difficulty. Based on merit the score for this website is 4.5 out of 5.


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Jason Green Says:

Please do not buy from this company they are very dishonest and do not give 100% customer satisfaction.

They call center is based out of India and I am not even sure any of the company is in North America if you looking to getting taken for a ride this is the place to shop.

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