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Yourbitcoinpharmacy review

My name is Tomasz and I live in Warsaw. I have decided to open a review site about yourbitcoinpharmacy after I learned a lot about the online pharmacy niche as a customer. It all began when I was looking for generic Propecia online and continued to a full study of the online pharmacy and generic meds world.
When I was looking for a place to buy generic Propecia (the most popular hair loss medication) I visited many hair loss forums, review sites, and online pharmacies and basically read anything I could find about the subject. I also made some tests and orders from recommended websites.
The first thing I noticed was that the web is full of scams, frauds and misleading biased info – from the reviews and coverage level and up to online pharmacies that sells fake medications for extremely high prices.
I have decided to create this specific review because I have some experience with yourbitcoinpharmacy.com as a customer and as I personally know people who use it as their resource for generic medications. I also know the people who run yourbitcoinpharmacy and decided  to share some of my insights with individuals who are looking for a safe, reliable online pharmacy, but are confused with hundreds of good looking websites that offers generic drugs.
I was there, and I know how it feels to pass this trial and error course until you find a trusted place to buy from.
I have a positive opinion of yourbitcoinpharmacy.com wnd it is definitely legit and that’s because of solid facts which I present here for you, that you can also verify easily. I also know their marketing manager Raul, a great guy who expanded my knowledge about the world of generic meds, and revealed some of the secrets you must know before you buy generic drugs…

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